Larkin Callaghan

I completed my doctorate in Health and Behavior Studies at Columbia University in 2012, where I developed a particular interest in women's health and gender disparities in public health. I have three major focuses - global and domestic reproductive health; the clustering of concurrent high-risk health behaviors in adolescent girls - including sexual activity, substance abuse, violence and victimization, and disordered eating; and the impact of sexual assault, sexualized violence and trauma on women. I have done research on and program practice in the areas of how the coordinated efforts of various social media platforms impact the understanding and retention of information in a sexual health education program, prevention and vaccine research for HIV/STIs, high-risk behavior modifcation utilizing motivational interviewing and harm reduction, adolescent sexual health behavior, and the prevalence and presentation of cases of sexualized violence in conflict. After finishing a public health journalism fellow in the Department of Epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, where I worked on effectively translating public health research and epidemiological trends into writing and communications for policy, advocacy and programs, I returned to the Golden State. I manage the global health education and training programs at the Stanford University School of Medicine, working with clinicians, researchers, and social scientists on projects in 10+ developing countries in Africa, South America, and Asia.

I continue to work as a freelance writer. I'm a former member of the United Nations press corps, having written for the news agency MediaGlobal, covering the UN with a focus on global health, society and culture, and innovation in the global south. I blog about feminist and women's issues on my personal site, contribute to The 2x2 Project, and my writing has been featured on sites ranging from Jezebel and Sociological Images to the Gay Men's Health Crisis blog. I have also been interviewed on television and radio as an expert on adolescent health issues.

I am an avid runner, an equestrian, and I remain an outdoor sports and California loyalist (born and raised in San Francisco and attended University of Southern California as an undergrad - Go Trojans!) despite the years in New York City!