Leon-Gerard  Vandenberg

Leon Gerard Vandenberg

Technology & Wireless Executive -- Serious & Savvy Business Maven into BioGenomics, Green & Clean Tech Skills using Security & Defense Sector thought leadership.
Driving Change + Convergence using various defence & disruptive technologies, sensor networks, breakthrough personal & industry security models along with cloud & big data.

Core Experience: I've done startups and VC funded businesses in Asia & Silicon Valley. I have learned the critical mix required for next generation business models for the next web with easy secure mobile commerce. This includes the talented convergence of some great people and the orchestration of their contributions. Delivery of thought leadership, code & Go To Market models with execution & acumen.

Sector Expertise: DRM, Property Rights; eCurrencies, BioGenomics, Cyptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Blockchain, Identity & Authentication, Fused ID Services, WLAN/3G/4G/5G Convergence; IP embodied inside silicon, firmware & VSIM System and Patents with seamless mPayment mBanking solutions.