Lesley Farnham

Hello and welcome to my site.

Here are a few of the guiding principles I live my life by:

  1. Give of your time, talents and treasure as you are able
  2. Education = Empowerment; Empowerment gives you choices
  3. Dare to be imperfect and take ownership of your mistakes; everyone has opportunities for growth!!
  4. Your attitude is most important - no matter the circumstances, you control your attitude - make it positive!!
  5. Family, Friends, Faith and Self - love each and show it often
  6. Think global and act local
  7. Defend those who cannot defend themselves
  8. Can't is a bad - bad "four letter word" - find the resources to make it so you CAN.
  9. Try is a bad - bad "three letter word" - don't try, DO!!!!
  10. Show me, don't tell me - actions speak louder than words


Career & Life Coach - Live a purpose filled life

Personal Brand Advocate - Embrase your talents and be proud of the gifts you bring to the world

Passionate about helping others - "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." ~Mohammed Ali

Online Educator