Mark A. McKenney

Mark's personal passion is spa, skincare, medspa and all parts under the wellness umbrella. He works on various business projects and is a consummate connector of people both off and online. He writes reviews on spa, product and is digitally connected almost 24 hours a day - all from the center of the USA!

My initial work history is rooted in high-end retail, working for some of the most recognized national and international apparel and accessory companies. During many years with them, I served in a broad range of capacities including buyer, merchandiser, trainer, sales associate, and manager. These experiences gave me incredible exposure to the nuances of running a superior service-based business. Over the past few years, my responsibilities have been very diverse for which I am grateful as I can add fundamental value in content and social media impact marketing. I have taken on several roles for three start-up companies and my initiative and creativity helped to expand these businesses.

In the last five years I have expanded my skills in digital media for “spa” and in the top 10 for 'prominence score'. (Source: I have used social media for Twitter content marketing and content curation, Google+ and Facebook to create an online persona as @MarktheSpaman that promotes spa, med-spa, skincare, health, wellness products and services. These skills along with brand management, corporate identity and tactically implementing objectives along with a multicultural can-do passionate attitude have achieved results. And I would like to do the same for your company!