Marvin Smith

Marvin Smith is a veteran talent acquisition practitioner who focuses on strategies for talent sourcing, engagement, and branding that leverage tools, teams and technology to maximize success. Marvin’s contribution to talent acquisition has been pioneering work with talent communities; in strategic talent sourcing (the integration of talent intelligence, social data and technology); and providing thought leadership and sharing insights through numerous articles, presentations as well as contributions at local and national talent acquisition industry events.

As a Strategic Talent Sourcing Consultant with Lockheed Martin, Marvin is responsible for talent pipeline building for critical skills talent; the evaluation, recommendation, and implementation of tools and technologies; and serves as the program manager for talent communities by driving corporate wide, talent community initiatives. Previously, he served in positions of strategic talent sourcing program management with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Blackberry; and Microsoft. You can follow his Talent Community blog or join in on a Talent Community Development conversation on LinkedIn or Facebook or follow him on Twitter.