Melinda Augustina

Melinda Augustina is an actress, social media content producer, eco-advocate, author and wine blogger who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and his wine collection.

PRODUCING: Over 10 years experience in producing live education, entertainment and marketing events. Has been generating online content since 2006. Melinda is also often called on for her additional expertise in social media marketing. Putting "butts in chairs" for live events, directing "eyeballs" for social media or using actor training techniques to refine a sales presentation.

ECO-ADVOCATE: For sustainable production practices, her production entity Power Hungry Productions secured a Green Seal of Approval from the Environmental Media Association. Power Hungry continues to secure Green Seal of Approvals for their productions and encourages green production practices.

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PERFORMING: Melinda plays moms, best friends, teachers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, a great "mean lady behind the counter", has a loud laugh and a "voice of authority". Excellent dialects, wicked humour and seamless realism are her trademarks. And she really, really, really wants to be in an episode of Drunk History.

Backstage West - "...screamingly funny..especially hilarious..."
Chicago Tribune - "...irresistably real..."
Chicago Sun Times - "..and where has she been hiding? Pigeon toed at one end and cow licked at the other she is simply superlative..."

Melinda's most famous mom role? "Facebook Mom" in "My Mom's On Facebook" from comedy geniuses "Back of the Class" (over 2 million views)

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