Miah Artola

Miah Artola is a visual artist, video editor, VJ and founder of Artola Digital

Miah creates interactive multi-media installations which incorporate her drawings, sculptures and video.

Miah invented the APE processor which generates visuals and effects based upon audio frequencies and amplitude.

Her work explores the continual process of creation we are engaged with and seeks to encourage a heightened awareness of the weight of our presence.

One of the ways she expresses this theme is through creating environments in which the public and any participants impact the visuals through their unintentional as well as their intentional voice.

Clients / Venues include: Queen's Museum, United Nations DP, Cage Gallery, David Lee Roth, PS1, Chashama, Phil Niblock, Museum of Natural History, Roosevelt House, Parker's Box Gallery, Fuchs Projects / Rafael Fuchs, Galapagos, South by Southwest, Broadcast Music Inc., Stadium Red, Glassnote Records, HarperCollins, Dance Movement Workshop, HG TV, Manoj Baviskar, Ramis Barquet Gallery, Joachim Pissarro, Duston Spear.