Michael L. Atkinson

Food, Tech and Media Entrepreneur

Long before I became an investor, advisor and incubator of Internet technology companies, I was a restaurateur. Beginning in 1998, I was appointed CEO of eSports and then, again in 2007, I founded FohBoh, the original online Restaurant Network. Now, as a strategic advisor to restaurant tech companies, I am able to invest, advise, operate and build a synergystic portfolio of B2B2C food and wine brands. As an entrepreneur, I am able to pursue my passions, indulge my creative side and leverage my experiences to affect change, assist others starting and growing companies while remaining independent. Living and working at the corner of food wine and technology offers some amazing benefits...I get to attend and participate at food and wine events and conferences, speak on interesting topics relating to my passions and meet some pretty amazing and creative people; chefs, restaurateurs, tech wizards, winemakers, businessmakers and entrepreneurs that make the world of food, wine and technology go-round. It's all a little too much fun!