Michael Counsell was born in Birmingham, in England. He did two years’ Military Service in Hong Kong, and went to university (Science and Theology) in Cambridge, then trained for the ministry of the Church of England (Anglican/Episcopal) at a college outside Oxford. He was an assistant priest in Handsworth, Birmingham, then went as a missionary in Singapore; Vietnam and Cambodia; and the Seychelles Islands,. Returning to England, Michael looked after St Peter’s Church in Harborne, a suburb of Birmingham. For a year he served as Church Consultant to Inter-Church Travel in Folkestone. Next he was put in charge of St Augustine’s Church, Honor Oak Park, in London. Michael retired in 2000. and was locum priest in Oberammergau, Hamburg and Strasburg, and in Athens for three years. Michael finally bought a flat in Birmingham, and has helped when there was no priest in Malaga, Spain; Corfu in Greece; and Tangier in Morocco.

Michael is the author of about 20 published books. In 2013 he published his verse translation of a Kieu, by Nguyen Du, as a self-published paperback and an e-book, both available worldwide through amazon. See www.amazon.com/author/revmichaelcounsell or