Mistress Arella

It is the rare combination of my looks, brain, attitude and personality that makes people say I am a little pearl in the ocean or a diamond among pebbles. I have suffered from the superiority complex since I can remember and I love to hear that kind of compliments. You too will soon find out how special I am, no matter whether you become yet another online servant or whether you decide to go for something more real and visit me in my home city Prague or elsewhere I may feel like travelling.

But before you get in touch, do read the following paragraphs.

Never underestimate me. That´s the most important rule. I may be exceptionally pretty and look a lot younger than my real age but I have been dominant, independent and demanding my whole life.

Another thing you should know is that though I like and enjoy the role of a dominatrix immensely, I am most of all a "Princess" and my absolutely no. 1 "drug" is to be worshiped, served, obeyed and spoilt. I much prefer personalized long term arrangements to the odd one off session, however, as a pro domme I will naturally accommodate those as well. I am always on the look out for new classy personal slaves to join my stable. A tribute is required without exceptions and is non-negotiable.

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