Christian Rodriguez

After selling Adnamic, my ad:tech business, a short stint running biz-ops at a vc-backed casual gaming company, and taking a nice vacation to Morocco, I set off on a cross country road trip to explore America, meet awesome people, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way. Currently I spend half of my time in Boston and the other half visiting family in Miami and friends around the world.

I run a boot strapped, profitable consumer web business with millions of users and growing. I'm looking for non-profits to become involved in and have two currently inactive side projects I'm looking for help with:

  • Wego Travel: destination group-travel provider for the 22-34 college-graduate demographic
  • Unnamed non-profit: provide IUD-awareness education for teenage girls in underprivileged communities

Life is good. You should e-mail me at or text me at 256-297-1642.