The NICE Initiative For Female Entrepreneurship

Message from Penina Rybak, Founder/CEO Socially Speaking

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What do you want to collaborate on? Penina Rybak is a purpose driven, creative educator and thought leader who believes that we are all leaders in the making and agents of change. This is why she launched her company Socially Speaking LLC in 2010, her Socially Speaking™ iPad App in 2012, and wrote her business book in 2014, "The NICE Reboot: A Guide to Becoming a Better Female Entrepreneur". Penina gives people the gift of time. Her practical and philosophical toolbox provides different people different ways to harness time, to better balance humanity and technology. Penina is a dynamic, insightful, humorous, entertaining speaker and writer, who takes abstract ideas and makes them concrete. She connects the "dots" between productivity vs. being busy, and between education and entrepreneurship, using an eclectic, sometimes non-linear, but always collaborative approach. Penina is a pioneer in personal growth and professional development for the iEra. Learn more about her work at her websites: &, and on Twitter: @PopGoesPenina.

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My Mission Statement:

To embed social entrepreneurship into the DNA of all entrepreneurship. To provide strategies, forums, seminars, coaching, and opportunities, to help more women successfully partake of both the Entrepreneurial and Tech Revolutions in the iEra, which have now intersected. It's time.

The NICE Initiative Provides These Four Things for Women:

1. Psychological thought leadership to help women financially succeed

2. Productive mentorship to balance humanity/technology, using the iPad for your workflow

3. Practical strategies to leverage social media using humor, visuals, and storytelling

4, Methodical frameworks for enhancing performance, creativity, and productivity

"Women are hardwired to measure success by its communal impact, which is why we have the potential to promote real change and provide innovative leadership in the iEra! "

- Penina Rybak