Naseem Murakami

I wear many hats with what I do. As I thrive on the creativity and challenges, my career and activities seems keep expanding...(Lol), but it is always my passion helping others and whatever ticks my soul at the moment that can move and inspire myself as well as someone weather that be a peice of music, services to others and writing etc...

I have been a long time Singer & Songwriter and a Performing Artist, goes by the name of "Breeze" which is the English translation of my Arabic first name. You can find out more about my music at

Besides being an artist I am also a music producer and a composer for my company InplaySound Productions based in Los Angeles, CA.

Ever since I became vegetarian and made a transition into high Raw Vegan diet and vegan lifestyle, I found a new passion in Health and Fitness, it is my mission in sharing my transformation with the world and being the living proof promoting the benefits of Plant-Based natural living and a Compassionate Lifestyle (extending mercy and compassion to all lives and to live and do things from a higher conscious.)

I am also a blogger of my Natural Food & Lifestyle Blog and a producer and host of my radio show called "Rise 'N Shine Radio" featuring healthy living, wellness and self improvement. My latest project that I'm working on is  WebTV series and creating an educational film which represents the Rise 'N Shine movement.

I am also a certified (AFAA) LatinJam Workout instructor.