Nathan Millard

Originally from the UK I am now based in Seoul and dedicate my time to helping Korean startups connect with overseas resources (VCs & Angel Investors, Accelerators, Media & PR Resources, Potential Partners). When I'm not blogging or tweeting about startups you can find me coaching them on marketing and product issues or organizing events around teh theme of tech, startups, and 'Going Global'.

Prior to Korea I've experienced a broad range of roles in a number of countries. I believe that everything I've done since first graduating has been leading to this moment, and I'm excited by teh challenge and opportunity that lies ahead.

A brief history of Me:

Born in Scotland, I grew up in and around London, which is also where I got my BA (History) & MSc (International Relations). I spent 3 years between my degrees in South Korea, and the embarked on a corporate role in London. Bored with that I spent a year in China, learning all about offshore outsourcing, before heading back to the UK to run my father's Yurt making business (my first taste of entrepreneurship). After a fabulous 18 months coaching him and assisting him in build his company into a thriving enterprise I returned to Korea, and worked for one of the World's best known Market Research agencies, Ipsos.

I joined beSUCCESS in October 2013, and now dedicate my time to assiting Korean startups go global and help overseas startups enter the Korean market.

I love connecting with like-minded people and exploring business opportunities. You can also catch me a few times a year talking about Asian entrepreneurship at conferences around the world, including the two that I help organize, beLAUNCH (Seoul) and beGLOBAL (Silicon Valley).

Here's a recent podcast I did that covers some of my areas of knowledge: Korea, Social Media, Startups, Technology