Patrick Baek
Patrick Baek is graduated from Full Sail University with a Master's Degree in Internet Marketing and has spent the past two years in building ready-to-implement skills through continuous education by engaging with the industry experts via marketing conferences, webniars, and social media. He believes in saying, "NO" (less) to RFP, but "YES" (more) to transparency of marketing practice by following the principle: "Walk the Walk and Talk The Talk" (credits to @PaulRoetzer for the principle). HERE, you can review some of his campaign projects: PPC/Banner Ads (4 Persona Types) Usability Test Site Architect (On-Page SEO) PPC Campaign Quality Scores S.M.A.R.T Goals Analytics Optimization Plan Strategic Brand Development Plan Internet Marketing Action Plan Strategic Internet Marketing Plan Misc. Web Analytics Software Comparison Chart Strategic Ad Planning Worksheet