Patty Ratsamy

A CSU Stanislaus freshman girl that needs to grow up. A Psychology major hoping to have an impact on a struggling addict's life as a career and life goal. Sarcastic. Monotone. A quiet clam with an eccentric personality. Open-minded. Making this because Professor Howard made it an assignment. Likes to view topics and problems from a different perspective. Dedicated and cooperative. When a task is given to me, I will do it. No backing out. Bring it.

Random: Music lover of various genres. Misses going to shows and concerts. If I could marry a car, it would be a Nissan Skyline GT-R R35. Prefers playing video-games involving racing and zombies. Speaking of zombies, I want to be a zombie extra in a movie or in the fall season of 'The Walking Dead'. I always have a hair accessory on my hair whether it be a bow, flower or hat. Will not be offended if you decide to avoid me because you find me socially awkward and odd.

Keep calm and just go with the flow.

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