Peggy Nairn
  • Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, friend, listener. Familiy is something that can not be replaced by anything. I am partners with my Mom Penny Nairn, and we have ran a 24 hour childcare Center since 1984, over 28 years of meeting our community needs.
  • We were the first licensed in Southern California 24 Hour Childcare Center. We also provide family resources, work with many agencies that support family & children.
  • We assist with finding parents jobs and community outreachs to our community small businesses to provide employment to unemployed families with children.
  • We advocate for children, early education, families, & familiy services & programs.
  • Help us Advocate for low income families and say No to Califonrnia Calworks & Childcare Cuts in the proposed Budget Cuts that have already suffered over 8 Billion in Cuts since 2008.
  • Were currently working on Adding a non profit Corp, creating more jobs, and providing additional resources that meet community needs. We will accept donations, monitary or otherwise to help us in keeping small businesses running, providing parents with employment and providing quality early educationtion programs to children of all ages. We also support Military Families.
  • Life is short but we are all one big family and Family Comes First!