Predrag Lešić
I’m a mechanical engineer and a dreamer; a pioneer in setting up, developing and implementing Internet services in Montenegro. I started out as a programmer and quickly showed that a combination of skills and exceptional ideas gets you far – as far as the sky, judging by the eight years I spent working for Montenegro Airlines, in addition to five other companies. My passion for new technologies took me to an incredible journey, where I met exceptional people, including the team I work with now. I’m very grateful for that. I’m currently the CEO of the .ME Registry, but I do have a few other hats on my head. I have my own business, I’m a co-founder of the NGO Digitalizuj.Me, and serve as the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Montenegro. BUT, my favorite title of all: being a DAD. PS. When I'm not on land or mid-air, I can be found sailing away into the sunset.