Quintin Adamis
  • Founding Partner PRjCT:3i LLP [..raising a 2013 Debut Global Technology fund..]
  • Former Project Manager (UX) at GrowVC International
  • Changing The World through Private Equity

I am a modern philosopher of ancient texts, a designer, an entrepreneur, a photographer, visionary, fabricator, an artist.. a man of many skill sets which only continue to grow. My objectives are simple, to logically & creatively break down what needs to be done through in-depth research & analysis, plan, then execute. I'm referred to as a mastermind and a polymath. I specifically focus on identifying & implementing new technologies. That means delving into science in one form or another. These days I'm looking into various nanotech, medtech and have a few friends in aerospace who keep me in the loop.

Being a philosopher at my core with limitless imagination.. naturally forces me to focus on the big picture which encompasses everything comprised underneath it and to Hack problems. I've never been satisfied with available options..the status quo.. so i'm doing something about that. These are the same qualities which make me an Entrepreneur. I see endless possibilities and do not limit myself to one country or what others believe to be "Possible". I have friends in South America, UK, India, the Middle East and many other places around the world.

Im a very diverse individual. I built my first desktop computer when i was 14 and began graphic work when i was 16. I wrote my first Non-disclosure agreement at 17. During that time, i launched my first website. A Sports related news site. Between 1999-2003 I did various freelance UI/UX works for websites such as Be-mag.com, the former Dominancemag.com and a few others. My work entailed authorship of articles, graphic layouts, and video editing.

As you get older, they say things change.. but they don't. Most people have a passion for something... but that word is so cliche these days. For me it's more than that, I do what i LOVE :)