RK Blankenship

Hi, I'm Robert Blankenship aka PaperGhostDesign. Just another Freelance Graphic Designer currently plundering the past for my chance to visit the future.

Part-time rogue, general scoundrel and occasional miscreant. Character Creator, Monster Curator and Illustrator. Into ghosts, ghouls, snob-goblins and all critters of the night. I prefer the edges to the center. Oh.. and I type!

You can usually find me riding a bike and whistling at frogs. I Love dogs, graffiti art, DC and indie comics, DIY, bad movies, Garage punk music, MST3K, and monsters of all types and stripes.

Went to college, majored in art and design, moved around some and landed here in the 21st century.. where I like creating characters ill-suited to their horrific fates. I like to remind myself what I'm doing this for... The pure, simple love of designing something that people find interesting enough to share with others.

I get a buzz seeing something I created in print, or "liked", or even "Paid in full".

Meanwhile, I seek to share my imagination with others. I AM PaperGhostDesign.. and I rule tiny worlds!