Rachael Halpern

My name is Rachael. I am 27 and I live the dream on the beautiful island of Hawaii where I landed a house sitting position on a Kona Coffee estate. I live here with my soulmate and new husband taking care of the gardens, enjoying the 16th Century designed Haiku Home, and discovering the natural wonders of the most remote land mass in the world. 

Ben is a golf instructor and landscape architect and I am a wedding planner so needless to say work feels more like play to us both! I also recently opened my own business, called Vintage&Lace Wedding Specialists, with my best friend which is dedicated to creating artistic and personalized wedding magic. To top it all off, we are expecting our first child in just a few days: an 8 week old Australian Shepherd who will be the latest addition to our paradise lifestyle! 

People often ask in awe: "How do you do it?"! But, we have a harder time understanding how they DON'T! The world is full of opportunities waiting to be seized! If you have the right attitude, stay positive and allow yourself to dream big, you too can live a dream! We are living proof that you can find true love, live in paradise, and create the perfect job for you! So .... get started already!!!