Raphael Dörr

Raphael Dörr is Head of Global Corporate Digital Strategy & Transformation at Gigaset the European market leader for cordless DECT phones and premium telecommunication products "Made in Germany". In his role Raphael Dörr is also Press Spokesman for the Gigaset AG.

As a senior communications specialists Raphael Dörr has a strong focus on strategic and corporate communications, internal and change communications respectively management as well as the programmatic implementation of Social Media and Enterprise 2.0 solutions and tools in each of these contexts.

Trained and skilled at Germanys leading communications and marketing consultancies (Ketchum Pleon GmbH, komm.passion GmbH and A&B; ONE Kommunikationsagentur GmbH). Raphael Dörr retrospects on more than ten years of consulting experience within agencies and 15 years overall consulting expert knowledge with sustainable focus and industry know how on telecommunication, automotive, consumer goods, primary industry and pharma.