Rebecca Goberstein

TL/DR: My first job out of college was selling
tickets at a comedy club. I was a lit major. And, if
you're a food lover, start collecting your favorite
places on earth on
Cofounder of (follow us
@terrapnapp), where food lovers collect and
share their favorite places on earth.
There, I am UX lead, front end dev, and
social media intern (i.e. the CEO).
Passionate city explorer, map lover, and
mediocre blogger.

University of Michigan trained college
football fan and public/urban health nerd.
UC San Diego trained writer, film watcher,
science lover, and respecter of the ocean
and those who surf it. Johnson &
Johnson-trained relationship builder,
marketer, lover of analytics, and
strategist. Trial/error and art class trained
photographer. Before grad school, I worked
with coffee, then with cadavres, then
with comedians.