Roger "Rog42" Lawrence
I have a passion for people! For enabling people to achieve their very best. For helping people like you to communicate and connect. I also love technology! Technology which facilitates connection. Email, Instant Messaging, Mobile Phones, Networks, Social Media, Digital Photography & Videography. That's probably why I'm a Chief Technology Officer. It's what I love to do. It's who I love to be. And life is more than work, which is why I ride motorcycles, scuba dive, worship with guitar, drums, & computers, connect through photos & video, and travel the world. At home near Sydney, Australia I I live with the gorgeous Lucy, my wife, and 1 of our 4 daughters. But often you'll find me in far flung places on a motorbike. If you want an authentic, fresh perspective on the way technology is disrupting our world, contact me using any of the services below. You can also read my blog. I'm available to speak at conferences, facilitate workshops, or just catch up over a beer or coffee.