Kala Brown
The teacher called her the root. This is how she adopted the stage name Rootsology, but not until later in life. Not even out of high school, she began writing poetry, songs and even movie scripts. She entered songs into several different contests and won. Throughout the years she continue to grab attention of others through raps, music, performing at events, plays, fashion shows, churches, etc. but it wasn’t until she met some guys in Atlanta in 2000 where she decided to join a band and together they called themselves A Group Called Karma. This is where she picked up the stage name Rootsology. Now as she takes the world on her own without the guys, she is making waves and turning heads to her nice sultry voice and funky sounds that blast into your speakers. A Neo Spoken Wurd artist with music that caters to all ethnicities and ages. It somehow keeps your mind wondering, feet stomping, ears open to what is in store.....Guaranteed that once you hear the music and the message that is delivered you will be pleased!!