Rosalind Van Aalen Grant

Having lived in Spain, in the Canary Islands from the age of 11 and then later again for most of my life, moving to the Netherlands was quite a culture shock. Rules, regulations and grey clouds don't exist in the Canary Islands.

When asked the question Where do you come from? I struggle to come up with an answer, so apparently this makes me a TCK (third culture kid)

After moving to France with a backpack , I picked up my husband on the Arc de Triomphe and found myself 10 years later, moving to NL with a container full of stuff, a dog, a cat and a 1 year old daughter.

Now, my daughter, aka Funky Monkey on the blogs is 4 and I now have a second daughter baby monkey who is 3 months old. We are raising our family to be trilingual (English, Spanish and Dutch.)

I am involved with Breda Expats, where I am the PR and Social Media coordinator. I run the children's activities - Breda Little Monkeys and Bumps and Babies.

My blogs talk about raising a family in the Netherlands and specifically in Brabant. Moreover they hopefully give readers an insight into expat life, the Netherlands and multicultural/lingual families.

I am a part time lecturer in English and Spanish at a University in Breda I try to encourage active learning and group participation in the classroom, thereby helping students to become productive and successful citizens.

I am interested in developing e learning within teaching. I am currently studying a Masters in Digital Communication in Education. I also have a blog for my Digital related musings too.

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