Roy Steele

Roy Steele is a writer, blogger, queer activist, equality advocate, and anti-bullying evangelist.

He crusades against the lies and misinformation that right-wing extremists and evangelical Christians use to spread anti-gay propaganda, and led a successful boycott of American retail stores that were financing anti-gay hate groups through affiliate marketing schemes.

The boycott received extensive coverage from major media organizations. Reporter Michelle Goldberg wrote about the boycott for Newsweek/Daily Beast in an article entitled “Christian Group’s New Gay War,” and The New York Times documented the campaign in “Retailers get heat for sales that generate anti-gay aid.

Former Arkansas governor and noted homophobe Mike Huckabee called Roy “an economic terrorist” because his boycott campaign resulted in over 150 retail organizations severing ties with anti-gay groups.

Roy blogs to advance equality and gay LGBT civil rights, by examining the socio-political, religious, and cultural challenges confronting the gay community today, and currently writes about contemporary social and political issues.

You can find his writing at the blog Jive in the [415]

Education: Rutgers College, Guildford School of Acting

Residence: San Francisco, CA