Sean Robins

In my professional life I am an Industry Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, with a keen interest in doing my part to address the growing problems of Depression & Family Obesity through a better understanding of the "whole Person" in Health and Fitness. I have founded my own fitness business called Compass Personal Training, and I have also founded a small charitible organisation called "But for the Kindness of Strangers".

Both personally and professionally, I have a great interest in health and fitness, exercise & nutrition. I practice and teach "mindfullness" because it is an effective tool for helping people from all walks off life to get the most out of any given moment, and particularly when facing a daunting training challenge. I use all manner of techniques for training, from simple calesthenics, to weights, resistance, boxing, TRX, Kettlebells, and my personal favorite - The Bulgarian Bag (and of which - as far as I can tell - I am the only qualified instructor in my local district ! )

I prioritise time in order to balance work and family commitments, so that I can continue to hone my skills and study, and when I am really organised and have an entire day to myself, I love nothing more than to spend as much time as I can either SCUBA diving or Indoor Rock Climbing.

Looking forward to making connections with people in my local area for business such as allied health professionals or potential new customers, or to simply say hello and share experiences and common interests. Also happy to offer a "couch" to surf for new friends travelling to Melbourne from afar. :-)

"If you change the way that you see yourself, you'll change the way that you see the world."