Stacy Nelson

Coaching Conscious, Heart-Centered Service Entrepreneurs to develop a business and life that is in alignment with with who you. You can build your business without marketing or without sales tactics making you feel disingenuous.

CEO & Founder of Marketing ImPerfect, Business Development Coach & Granter of Permission to Do Things YOUR Way

iCoach Magazine - Publisher and Editor

iCoach Network - Founder of International Circle of Coaches built to support each other on our paths. As one rises, we lift each other up

I hear it and see it all the time - Multi-Passionate women with a mission on this planet set out to create a business, one that speaks from her heart and will make a difference and they are filled with great ideas and big visions and somehow, it becomes an expensive time consuming hobby rather than a high paying fun business.

See our biggest dreams are our most PERSONAL... which means that we want to do it right and that is very often the thing that holds us back the most - we are scared to get it wrong.

What makes me absolutely light up is that moment when you and I sit down and throw all of the perfect business building strategies and all that other crud out of the window and figure out what your unique message is and then create something that can be built upon, changed as needed, and totally in line with who you are and where you're going. It's not about creating a perfect business, it's about showcasing your gifts to the world and creating a plan you will actually Take Action on every day.

Love & Light to you on your journey,

Stacy Nelson
Business & Life Development Coach for Women on a Heart-Centered Mission