Suzen Sam

I began with a foundation in the traditional visual arts then moved on to studies of NEW media- film, video, animation and McLuhan's Media theory. To that you can add a decade of experience in sales and marketing which EVOLVED into my current role as a Social Media Consutant. In the early 1980's, when the personal computer was taking the world by storm - I was attending ECAD in Vancouver. The art world was first to be disrupted by computer technology - by the Mac, icons and computer graphics. In 1998, I read Kevin Kelly's "New Rules for the New Economy" and began the long wait for the "convergence of computers, video and telecommunications" known today as the Web 2.0/You Tube/Smartphone sandwich..a delicious combination for world wide communications...n'est pas? 

While in Toronto I studied the application of computers in day to day business settings- exploring and analyzing how they were being used to further sales and marketing (or not). I started with website sales, design and development moved into databases, CMS and social media. I have now combined my love for computer technology and new media with my knowledge of sales and marketing to focus on assisting and activating SME in Alberta and across Canada to become Social Businesess. I build followings, create and curate content and position you as an expert in your field! Contact me, let's talk about a creative solution to your greatest challenge - connecting with your online audience on how it will produce real results!