Tamara Schenk

I'm a gate keeper to bridge between assumed different worlds, to drive transformation to master this century's "big shift".

Based on passion and compassion, using creative, brave and innovative ideas and a lot of fire energy,
I'm connecting the dots...

  • between "industrial age push thinking" and more important "conceptual, system, design and pull thinking"
  • between the spiritual world and the corporate world, to create sustainable, responsible and meaningful business models
  • between all living beings, their right to live without being used, misused, abused, tortured and killed

I believe…

  • that every change begins within our heart
  • that every journey begins with a vision and with one first step in the right direction!
  • that playfulness, creativity and innovation are the keys for leadership towards a more compassionate world

Regarding my profession, I'm a passionate sales and sales enablement professional, now working as an analyst. I'm focused on a strategic, integrated approach, with the customers at the core. It's about enabling sales people to provide perspectives and long-term value for their customers. It's also about enabling front line sales managers to become excellent coaches. The customer journey is the central design point for sustainable, meaningful and winning business models - on a collaborative foundation!

I love to make a difference, to challenge the current state, to create value, to drive change to make the world a better place, to connect like-minded people to build communities and tribes.