thùy linh ~ aka TL

thank you for swinging by!

singing jazz since 1990, i'm self-taught and drawn to jazz in college by the classic voices of ella fitzgerald, sarah vaughan, billie holiday, nat king cole and louis armstrong.

standing a petite 4' 11", i feel so tall when my strong and smooth voice raises eyebrows and smiles across the room. the low pitch often glides warmly between lyrical sensuality and pensive nostalgia. i credit my love of singing to the many melodious songs heard growing up in my homeland vietnam. mine is often described as a unique style: an exotic sound weaved to a most unusual personal history for a singer of american jazz.

currently, i'm creating original compositions with my best friend, poet bashou. the first series, Lotus Child: survivors of human trafficking rise to greatness!, honors human trafficking survivors supported by pacific links foundation (PALS). a tireless spokesperson for PALS, i use my singing to tell people about this heinous slavery in the 21st century. the second series, Lady Moon: the irrepressible Hồ Xuân Hương - 18th century feminist poet, celebrates the untamed spirit of HXH’s politically astute erotic poetry.

i am also a leading talent of pearl of the heart (ngoc trong tim) and diverse city entertainment, organizations that promote artists with disabilities. from april 2012 to october 2013 i managed a weekly tuesday jazz jam at angelica's bistro, the premiere music venue in redwood city. to date i've had the pleasure of performing mostly for private parties and non-profit organizations. i've also performed at local clubs like blue note lounge and savanna jazz club in san francisco but will now actively seek for more public gigs. i've also created and produced