Timmy N♥Heart
"Timmy NoHeart" Abstract Beatsmith based in the Greater Toronto Area, Timmy exhibits a style that is much like an acquired taste. Initially, some songs may seem like a chaotic mess with seemingly arbitrary sounds & synths that miss the shot. The reality of it all is that once you overstand & innerstand the genre, you’ll soon begin to adore this abstract art form. The debate of quality vs quantity is one that comes to mind with many upcoming artists, but it is very rare that we see both in equal porportions. #DBRYDAILY is more than just a brand or a slogan, it is a lifestyle. "Dream Big Remember Yourself" is the motto and base principle DBRY Audio is founded on. DBRYDAILY MMXIV is a 12 disc collection in progress to document the musical growth and collaborations Timmy NoHeart has made throughout the year of 2014. Dedicated, motivated & disciplined towards improving as a musician and surpassing all current standards as well as the limitations society has taught us to set upon the self. With a passion for travel, philosophy, photography and all things creative, stay tuned to see what's new & exciting with "The Photon Don" Seek the Ü b e r m e n s c h. Entzauberung Der Welt. ^_^