Witchdoktor NO -Nonsense

Witchdoktor NO-Nonsense seemed the appropriate name change after I layed off my small but longtime career as DJ NO - Nonsense. Since it has become everybody' s teenage ambition to become the next DJ star, I decided to put my musical ideas and preferences into production. And it has become far more easier to access "the industry" as well as make your tracks known and heard. Coming from the IT business I have always been busy with computers and the 80's were my "wild days", so it is no surprise that my preference lies in electronic music. But as the last years might already have indicated - the electronic music is so diverse that it can literally absorb and combine with every style of music that is known to us. I for myself like to try out how comparable some styles are with the electronic achievements and the forthcoming music.

So the DJ - ing has become a passionate hobby and creating and producing music is coming to the forefront of my DAILY ACTIVITIES .

To be able to create MUSIC in all GENRES I set up a 2nd PROJECT called "" United in Sound "" which is the ELECTRONICA - NON DANCE - EXPERIMENTAL output.

To be actively MULTITASKING I did also open up an ACCOUNT at SPREAKER-RADIO that expired as a FREE ACCOUNT due to ME using up all the given BROADCAST-TIME !

But NEW YEAR - NEW SHOWS & SURPRISES !!! I opened up a PAID ACCOUNT on SPREAKER-RADIO for this year 2014 .There I will deliver a 35-40 Minutes Show ( the LENGHT of the MIXES almost doubles !!! )

Since the 28th of October there is also RST - Sound & Vision which is the PART of the Company which will handle everything concerning the PRODUCTION, MARKETING as well as DISTRIBUTION of Music and Video Projects.

Recently ( begin of SEPTEMBER 2013 ) my 1st album has become available in most of the known DIGITAL DOWNLOAD SHOPS . Just visit witchdoktor.net to get all INFORMATION as wel as SOUND&VISION from "" About House "" - the Witchdoktor's 14 Track - Album

If you dislike somebody's music, listen to something else. The existence of stuff you don't enjoy is not a personal insult. Be nice.

Tim Minchin