Madeline Yau

Why Madeline Yau Would Be A Benefit For Your Company or Organization?

I graduated from Full Sail University with my Bachelor on Internet Marketing of Science Degree. With my wisdom, independence, teamwork and goal-minded I am looking forward in meeting some of you that would be intrigued from my page.

You have found someone that understands the ins and out of driving traffic to websites through every form of Internet Marketing. Someone that enjoys finding your customers trends and behaviors to interact intelligently towards them. I enjoy researching and finding solutions on website behaviors and results. Having a website doesn't mean automatic sale increase, but analyzing the trends and results that will take you a long way.

Now, that you know my career choice I would like to share with you some of my hobbies and interest beside work. I am a mom of a beautiful 9 years old boy that keeps me busy and motivated. I enjoy being very active with him we share the same interest like reading, watching movies, exercising and playing tennis. Life is about making a living and sharing the success with those that matter most. This is what I live for.

5 Traits I have to Become the most Dynamic, Worth while Player in Your Corporation When Hired!

1. Have a Great Attitude.

2. Work as A Team Player

3. Very Organize

4. Use my Energy & Time Management to Meet Deadlines.

5. Become a Student or a Leader When Needed.