Ahmed Abuiliazeed


I believe that the business that is based on the know-how is the best solution for Egypt's problems. I am addicted to give people help whether they asked for it or in case that they don't know that they need it. I believe that every problem is an idea for a new business. I believe that what keeps me creative and innovative is the little child inside me. I learn from everyone even if they are younger than me because I believe that everybody has something to share. I've good Communication and presentation skills, Ability to lead a team, Problem solver, Ability to create new relationships. I am a Self learner, Information sharer, Creative Marketer, Good researcher, Internet addict, Social Media guru, Graphics and Digital art fan.

Future career objectives:

Starting a multinational company specialized in the field of cyber education because I believe that high quality education accessible for everyone can solve a lot of our daily problems , the market is very huge and there are no enough companies to cover that huge demand.