Adil Raza Shaikh

Pakistani. TV and Technology Buff. I work as Business Consultant and do consultancy in multiple domains like CRM, ERP, Information Systems, Process improvement e.t.c.. I help my clients define their vision and strategy, and improve their business processes to drive out the right business processes so that sales, marketing and customer service achieve the right results.

I have worked on multiple CRM technologies like Salesforce, Blackboad, Luminate CRM e.t.c.

On my Blog I post some original posts and some reposts from different websites.Incase you are wondering what is Omlette-du-for-Fromage? Ill try and explain it here; its a way of life, these are words that will take you to heights that are unimaginable; Not Really. This Fomous line was said by a great scientest and scholar Dexter in 2003. Infact you can Check the exact moment when this line was said in this video Omlette-du-fromage or you check the defination of it here.