adriene hughes

My name is Adriene Hughes and I am a multi-media artist working in photography, audio composition and experimental dance filmmaking. I am interested in storytelling through abstract narratives and the performanitive in both photography and cinematography. These approaches are based in the use of digital technology to redefine body/movement, narrative/storytelling by challenging over-simplified perceptions of what it means to be human. I am interested in rendering the performative in a way that acknowledges its complexity, dynamism, and how our own construction of it can be ever changing.

I hold an M.F.A. from Tufts University and School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and am currently an Educator and Principal Producer Director at The Media Teaching Labs, University of California, San Diego.

I've been blogging a since 2003 here
I love to dance ballet and knit hats
I am proud to be a breast cancer survivor
I love my dogs Monkey and Mia
I spend a lot of time at the UCSD Media Lab
And as a photography educator here UCSD Extension

The rest of me lives here :