Sara Ringer

Hi there, I'm Sara! Living sassily without my entire large intestine since 2008. I sometimes go by the name Sadie (long story - you can ask). I am the proud writer/founder of the blog Inflamed & Untamed, and a IBD YouTuber. I am also the founder of Sick Girl Beauty Vlog, and co-founder of IBDating. My mission is to educate and inspire other patients living with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, while giving a positive yet realistic account of life with IBD on my blog, YouTube channel, and all the other places you can find me on the intergoogle machine. When I am not sick or hospitalized I work as a nail technician and make-up artist in a high end, fast paced, upbeat salon. Click the icons and links below to find out what i'm doing to make a difference!

DX with UC: 1996

J-pouch surgery step 1: July 2008

J-pouch surgery step 2: September 2008

Surgery to remove adhesions that created a blockage: Sept 2008

DX changed to Crohn's disease: June 2011

Current treatment is remicade infusions and methotrexate injections.