Agus Echagüe

Referred to as Aggy The Immigrant, I'm an Argio living in Oz, though people think I'm Italian because I speak with my hands (abeepbeeripbopbeeripboopie), or from some weirdo European country (who knows why!).

I like laughing about anything, ranting about the immortality of crabs, and drinking scwatch to anyone (chin chin). But the best is when the three come together with friends.

I smoke even if the government tells me it's bad (well, yes, and the docs and my family) and I don't do sports, even if the docs tell me I should (thankfully the government has no say in this area).

I've worked @ Unilever, Paycycle & Xero, and now I'm Marketing Capocha @ SMS Central. Off the record, I do a bunch of marketing stuff for startups. Awesomeness all year round.

All in all, I'm a happy person.

And I like it.