A native of Brooklyn, NY and a self-taught keyboardist/pianist with no musical training, Ahmed Sirour learned how to play in his early 20s by listening to CDs on his boombox, following along on his keyboard and practicing till he could both duplicate the song then improvise new arrangements. His first gig as a professional musician occurred October 4, 2002, as the house keyboardist for a monthly artist showcase. He soon after started his own successful, weekly jam sessions, doing improv of various genres with his band and guests that sat in from around the country. Years later he studied sound engineering, for his Masters degree in Audio Production from the University of Westminster, London (though never having attained a Bachelor's degree). His musical skills range from live performance, production, composition, arrangement, writing, recording/mixing/mastering engineering. However, he is also a freelance journalist, graphic designer, photographer, and a great dancer ;) His style is diverse and covers various genres, so one category can't fully be attributed to him to explain his artistry...except maybe to call it "quality".

Not simply limited to musical exploits, Ahmed is a writer, having been a freelance entertainment journalist, off & on, since 1996, writing music reviews, covering concerts & award shows, as well as interviewing notable music artists including Teddy Pendergrass, Rachelle Ferrell, and Janelle Monae to name a select few. He is also a poet, a growing photographer & graphic designer (designing most of his album cover art work). Ahmed is also a self-described activist against injustice, especially with regard to police brutality, racism, domestic abuse, political corruption and any wrong committed against the innocent and helpless and writes essays and composes music to address these crucial issues to create awareness across the world.

Aside from these activities, Ahmed is a world traveler looking to visit every continent on Earth (yes, including Antartica) and is currenly two away from that goal. He is a steadfast vegan of 12 consecutive years, and a non-religious/spiritual person constantly discovering the threads that connect all people as one.