alan stewart

I have been lucky enough to work in television and video in Northern Ireland for 17 years (occasionally funded by a day job) and it has been a gateway to some of the most amazing and interesting people/experiences in my life. In that time my work has featured on BBC NI, Channel 4, UTV and most recently MTV europe, KERRANG TV and on the BBC BIG SCREENS in 22 major cities across the UK.

I worked as a camera operator during the tail end of the violence/birth of the peace process in Northern Ireland, much of my work in those days found its way onto local television networks or government funded video productions. Since 2004 I have worked in a freelance capacity in video production, whether as Writer, Director, Editor or After Effects artist, I will always deliver high quality and I hope that in the majority of cases, I exceed expectations. I treat every job the same, from small low/no budget projects, to larger scale productions, every job gets my utmost skill and attention.

If you have a project you would like to talk about, please get in touch