Alberto Scotto

Genuinely driven by Passion. Not satisfied with working solutions, but with good maintainable solutions. Fan of Best Practices.

Graduated in Computer Science (Bsc, First-class honours degree) with a thesis on cloud computing.

Born as a sw developer, then bumped into a SysAdmin/DevOps career, currently sw test automation engineer at Workday, Dublin.

  • I like to write beautiful code (at least I try to).
  • I like to bring innovation and improve processes, as far as I can.
  • As a DevOps, I like to support developers providing them with the best tools and practices.
  • I like to learn.
  • I love Linux and open-source (open-mindness, in general).
  • I love freedom.

Last but not least, I love music. Thx to soundcloud (<3 it), you may listen to a song I am listening myself right now :) I update the playlist quite often, so please check back later.

BTW, just in case you were wondering, alb-i986 is a sort of geeky pun that comes from the naming convention used for Linux packages (name_of_the_package-[..]-architecture.ext -- architecture being sometimes "i386" or "i686"), and.. my birth year.