Alessandro A. E. Anzani

12/22/79, Milan: just like my city I am creative while serious and dedicated.

As a family tradition I am passionate about innovation: I was named after my great grandfather, inventor of Stellar and V-engines; his speed and innovation run in my blood. My granpa, dad's side, was Captain of the Italian Mountain Troops. My grandpa, mom's side, was General of the Police and, during WWII, Africa Lieutenant General (at the time Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, & Libya were Italian colonies); the movie Bengasi was inspired by his diaries.

Since 18 years old I have been working every day: I am a serial entrepreneur and spent four years as a private equity Investment Manager. I am General Partner at Smartup Capital: an angel fund investing in NY new-tech. I mentor a number of startups and collaborate with Syracuse and Cornell University.

I believe that learning is a continuous process. I hold a Cornell A.MBA, MRE, MSE, and I would love to get a psychology degree one day.

I seek diversity in landscapes, faces, tastes, and costumes. A backpack, a camera, and a plane ticket are all I need: I have travelled all over the Seven Seas driven by my passion for freediving & spearfishing. I collect vintage electric guitars and sound effects.

Nothing makes me happier than cooking, singing, and playing guitar for friends. I love loyal, true, and brave human beings, red wine, new-tech, and rock music.