Alexander Kirby

A graduate of the College of Charleston with Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and History, Alex is a native Charlestonian who loves his city, country, and creator. Personable and approachable, Kirby, as he is often dubbed, is a respectable young leader and entrepreneur who cares about people and making their lives better.

In the next year Alexander is partnering with a fellow producer, working on campaigns restore what it means to be a true gentleman, including how a man dresses, grooms, and presents himself. Graduate school for his Masters in both International Development and Theological Studies is also in the near future.

On more of a personal note, Alex loves bike riding, reading non-fiction, writing poetry, and playing obscure sports. Although he thought only action movies would give him the entertainment he desires when watching a good flick, Alex tends to enjoy good thrillers, a drama here and there, and certainly enjoys comedies (especially those including Will Ferrell and Steve Carell).

Tennis is Alex's sport of interest but certainly cannot trump his love for Ping-Pong. If someone wants to go a round of table tennis right before Alex's wedding vows, beware he most likely will do it. Alex does not really take too much towards television, but if The Office is on, watch out! Kirby is a die-hard Office fan and especially loves seasons three and seven (but it is all super fantastic). If he utters a quote you do not get and laughs at it, odds are it is from some episode of the show (that or Nacho Libre).