Alexander Viken

Gadgeteer, enthusiast and mobile technology consultant. Microsoft MVP for device software development and entrepreneur.

I’ve got a passion for Q&A, software, development and gadgets that simplifies the day to day life that has followed me for several decades!

I think it truly is a privilege to be able to work with something i consider to be so much a hobby and favorite activity (when not being with my family that is… ).

Throughout my career I have designed and developed a wide range of software systems. Among these are one of Norway’s first content management systems and B2B systems for telecom carrier NetCom and their chain of resellers long before the term B2B became common (it was at the time called an "extranet". I’ve also been the lead architect in the design specifications of the national food, safety and tracking system built for the Norwegian food and agriculture department but for the past 6 or 7 years my primary focus has been mobility. How people use mobile technology, What can be done and development of it.

The last few years i have also been more and more involved with offshore software development. Firstly, how to create more in-depth solution specifications, then on how to manage offshore development teams and to streamline the project management process through the whole cycle (my scrum master (Certified Scrum Master) experience was very handy here). All this experience is now put into my focus on LEAN software develoment with SCRUM processes and tools.

I've also taught evening classes on Windows Mobile development with C# at the Norwegian School of Information Technology in 2009 and took the the initiative to start the first and only Windows Phone based developer community in Norway early summer the same year. WPDC (Windows Phone Developer Community) is now 160 participants and growing with quarterly meetups about mobile development.

In July 2010 I was awarded Microsoft MVP on Device Application development from Microsoft, and got re-awarded in July 2011.

Since 2011 my primary role(s) has been to work more towards management as CTO with strategic decisions towards technology solutions, partnership management and processes in the context of software development.

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