Hi! I'm Alex.

72 inches of curious passion, trying to figure out how this world works. Raised on the western coast of the Baltic Sea, in Lithuania and refined across Europe, I'm a creative brand strategist seeking to match ambitious marketing goals with creative ideas, inspire my team and find the pulse of the modern consumer. I believe little things, done right, matter. And I'm sure well-designed moments build great brands.

Specialities cover: brand strategy and creative direction, insight and trend spotting, concept development and ideas generation, visual thinking, engaging keynote speaking and presentations design, team leadership, advanced facilitation and consulting in a wide field of workshops and change processes.

I love to tell stories, therefore I love keynote speaking. I share the belief in presentations that inspire and change status quo. As a side project, I've launched MADPRESENTER. It's a global team of communication experts, strategic graphic designers, copywriters, content producers, passionate about visual storytelling and engaging stories that resonate with hearts and minds of the audience.

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