Alex Godoy-Faúndez

I am Associate Professor of the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad del Desarrollo, Doctoral degree in Engineering Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses Area and I have been working in the relationships Engineering, Society and Sustainability. My main goal is to develop frameworks of analysis for understanding the causes and effects of current events to contribute to national sustainable development and low carbon through better understanding and integration of local systems - characterized by its natural resources, climate, infrastructure needs engineering, social and political - for the service of decision making techniques to the public policy level, linking science, technology, society and education.

In 2006, I was recognized as one of the 100 young leaders by Center of Leadership Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. Awarded in Academic Excellence in The Second International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 2006, US; Young Researcher Award at the 4th European Bioremediation Conference 2008, Greece and one of the winners in the “Innovation Challenge Week” and Prize "Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2008". In 2011, I was Visiting Scholar and Scholar in Residence 2012 at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Co-author, First Environmental Chilean Survey about "Environment and Climate Change: Attitudes and Perceptions” (2009-2011).

Currently, I am Research Associate to Water Research Center for Agriculture and Mining (WARCAM), awarded in Fifth National Competition for Research Centers in Priority Areas (FONDAP in spanish) of National Commission for Scientific & Technological Research; Head of Waste to Energy Research & Technology - Chile at WTERT Council and Research Associate at Earth Engineering Center at Columbia University.