Alexis Ohanian

Guten Tag! I'm a startup guy in Brooklyn who wrote a book called Without Their Permission (drops Oct 1st!) & gave a TED talk about a whale. I'm "one of the more passionate and audacious young entrepreneurs in tech."

I started with Steve Huffman at UVA. Founded Breadpig, which creates geeky things, sells them, and gives away all the profits -- $200,000+ so far! We've made some amazing things like Trial of the Clone, To Be Or Not To Be, Lester's Time Has Come Today, & Story War!

Launched hipmunk --ran marketing & PR-- now an evangelist. Ambassador to the East for Y Combinator. Investor & advisor for 60+ startups. Helped defeat SOPA & PIPA; Forbes calls me "Mayor of the Internet."

If you've ever told someone about any of my projects, I owe you a beer. Thx!

Interested in having me speak? I do it to fund my hummus addiction - plz email my agent.