Ali Hanif

Raised in the MIddle East, somehow managing to avoid the war zones, I am now settled in Canada. I was lucky enough to move from a job as a Library IT assistant into the corporate world of banking. Eventually I got my dream job with Thomson Reuters, where my love for business and interest in technology collided. I spent 8 years there, starting as intern and eventually becoming an Account Manager. My passion and ambition has always been to build and grow my own and business, and I finally made the decision to make a move instead of dreaming of the day it would happen.

I am now with Crowdbase, helping them promote and sell their Knowledge Sharing solution. Being more productive, gaining knowledge and sharing it are a personal interst of mine. The future is Mobile and as such I also enjoy my role as Director of Sales at Mirego, a mobile app development firm. Mirego has been built over 100 mobile apps and we count Apple, Pfizer, Red Bull, Cossette as some of our many clients.

Thanks for dropping by, shoot me an email any time!